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  1. Hi All, I am using the uC32 and 2.8 inch MTDS board. All works well in portrait mode. If I change to landscape mode the createButton routine will not create a button in the horizontal 240 to 319 region. It's like the createButton routine hasn't updated its max x,y screen dimensions with the landscape max values. Buttons created in the horizontal region < 240 render correctly and work correctly. I can render bitmaps in the 240 to 319 region using the mtds calls. What am I missing? Thanks in advance. Jeff
  2. Jon, I also have a need for different font sizes. It would be very nice to have this feature available as well as the ability to load custom fonts from the SD card. Thanks for considering this and let us know if it can be provided. BTW is there a way to easily update the MTDS firmware in the 2.8" MTDS? Thanks. Jeff