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  1. Again, thank you! I'm trying to re-produce the synchronized generation and scope in labview, based on the LabForms you mention me. Stay tuned!!! 😀 Bye, Luigi
  2. Hi JColvin, first, thanks for the reply! I'll see the Instructable and inform you if I'll reach my goal! 😀 By the way, my idea comes from the Impedance tool of the WaveForms, very nice, but in my knowledge I can control only one wavegen. Instead, I need also an indipendet wavegen, but at the same frequency, better if synchronized. Thus, if I could re-create the "impedance" tool in LabView, I can make it for sure! Thank you again. Bye, Luigi
  3. Dear all, it's my first ask to this forum, I hope to be clear! 😅 I need to control an Analog Discovery 2 via LabView to generate 2 synchronous waveforms (W1 and W2, same frequency, maybe different shape, for example a sine and a square!), and, simultaneously, acquire from the scopes (C1 and C2) 2 synchronous signals, to understand the time-behaviour of my DUT. Just to be less "cloudy", I need something similar to a "lock-in" amplifier based measurement, mixed with the Impedance Spectroscopy. Indeed, I'll change the frequency of the two generated waveforms, like a AC sweep, so I have to create an automatic procedure. Thank you!
  4. I'm from Rome, I work for University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and I'm an Electronic Engineer. 2 years ago I "crashed" with AD2, and was love at first sight! 🤩