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  1. Hi, I indeed have a sd card with the correct files in. Anyway, i found a way to make it work without the LVLSHFT here : https://github.com/NicholsKyle/ECE387_SimonSays/wiki/My-Design#schematic-drawing. Now I'm struggling to display correctly on the MTDs, it's certainly my code the problem. But thanks for your help @jpeyron.
  2. I got Pmod LVLSHFT, but I still can't make my Pmod MTDS work on arduino. Only the backlight is working. So can someone show or explain to me the wiring I should do ?
  3. I see, thanks for your help. I'll try to get a Pmod LVLSHFT then.
  4. Thanks @jpeyron, Here what I get from arduino: (sorry for the size)
  5. Hello, I'm new here, and really need your helps and advices. I tried to use the Pmod MTDs on arduino but other than the backlight, nothing reacted. I connected the Pmod MTDs directly to the arduino using simple wire, like this: V--> 3,3V G--> GND Pin 4 --> Pin 13 Pin 3 --> 12 Pin --> Pin 11 I'm not sure about this, so if anyone can show me how it's done I would really appreciate it. For the code I used the demo of the library given.