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  1. Tnx @jpeyron for your response. That is exactly what I thought. About the project, we have a self-made sensor kinda device with usb-uart which works fine when connected to PC and I got 4 of these pmod modules so that I can connect 4 of this sensor to an FPGA board to fuse their data together and now I know I should look for another solution. Sincere Regards, Keyvan
  2. Hi, I have a question about the pmod usb-uart converter board. It is a bit unclear for me. Can this module be used both as the host or the slave? I want to write to and read from a sensor which is addressable through usb-uart and I was wondering if this can be done with this module, since I am connecting the sensor through this module to my FPGA board, and the sensor does not even seem to be powered on. So I figured maybe this module can not be used as a usb host.