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  1. Not exactly in the spirit of the license!!! Would love to see a Xilinx response bearing in mind it is for fault finding purposes only. If I do find a reason for this I will state it here. If anybody else has experienced Impact being very slow to respond then failing using Digilent hardware please say how you fixed it. Fustrated Digilent user.
  2. Thanks for your help. To me that is a bug in the Digilent software. If they reported the error properly it would have not wasted so much of my time, and that of other users (the thread you quoted). Instead of "unrecognized error code" try "Device 0: XC6SLX ? not supported" The reason I was trying adept2 was to prove my hardware as iMPACT does not work for the XC6SLX9. It takes a long time (up to 30s ) after each click to respond. It finds the FPGA but because of the time delays, it won't program it. iMPACT works o.k. when I plug in a Nexys2 (Spartan3). It now may be
  3. No there was not any change to /tmp/debugerc.log (sorry about the missing g :) ) These are the adept2 install files I tried an older runtime but no older utilities are available for linux. Apr 26 11:06 digilent.adept.runtime_2.19.2-amd64.deb Apr 26 11:07 digilent.adept.utilities_2.2.1-amd64.deb By violate, I mean installing the free version on more than one PC. I don't want to uninstall / install ISE for each operating system check. I use Impact on the Debian Buster PC.
  4. Hello Jon Not exactly, take the Debian change as continual, I use testing. So it is a continual change from the start at Stretch (Debian 9) through to Buster's (Debian 10) current state. I do not use Impact much so would have never noticed at which point it failed. I have just tested on a new Stretch install on a different PC and still get the same errors with djtgcfg. I cannot install Impact as it would violate Xilinx's license. I have set the environment variables as you have requested, but do not get a log file (There are eleven digilent files in /tmp after djtgcfg enum). Here
  5. Hello Jon I am running Debian Buster direct, Adept2 is installed globally (/usr) using root. I've tried a Stretch PC again using root and just now I have tried a Sid PC. They all show the cable is detected and the device found as XC6SLX ? . They all fail to program it with an unrecognized error code. A year ago I was running Stretch when it was 'testing' and I had no problems with impact (can't remember trying djtgcfg). I have now just tried a Windows Ten laptop and after waiting for the updates (not switched on for a long time :) ) I loaded Windows Adept2 and that works and pr
  6. I get the same as you for the enum and init commands, and the lsusb. I thought the '?' was an error. But I cannot program the Spartan either with Impact or Digilent's command line. The command line (as in the first post) returns: My Xilinx cse is libCseDigilent_2.4.4-x86 so I will check that out, but it should not stop the command line working. I'll will be back :) .
  7. Hello Daniel Glad you got it working I am the same as you but mine is not working! Could you please do me a favour and show what this returns when connected to your Spartan 6 via the HS3 djtgcfg enum djtgcfg init -d JtagHs3 I assume you downloaded the latest Adept2 Have you tried programming with adept like this: djtgcfg prog -d JtagHs3 -i 0 -f core_top.bit Thanks Billy
  8. Hello Daniel What do you get with: djtgcfg enum and after that djtgcfg init <device name> Which flavour of Linux are you using? Have you installed digilent adept and utilities? Billy
  9. I do not do a great deal of FPGA stuff, this time last year I finished a project and have not touched the tools since. I now have a requirement to modify it for a different project. So I try to connect to my FPGA board with Impact and it is so sloooooooow and then fails. So I do this: [email protected]:~/FPGA$ djtgcfg init -d JtagHs1 Initializing scan chain... Found Device ID: 24001093 Found 1 device(s): Device 0: XC6SLX ? [email protected]:~/FPGA$ The programming will not work (I assume because of the ?). The board is a Mojo with a XC6SLX9 on it. I have several of these and they