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  1. Many thanks! It works. I made a stupid mistake. I've programmed a class in C++ for talking to the device, and in the method for setting the sample buffer size I made a sanity check against a maximum value. The max value I checked against was obtained before from calling FDwfDigitalInBufferSizeInfo(), which gives the 64M value for 32-bit sampling... So my buffer was never set higher than 64M. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, I have a problem concerning the Digital Discovery using the Waveforms SDK. I thought it is possible to use the full 256MBytes on-board recording memory for 8-bit sampling, but I am only able to read 64M samples, no matter if I use 32 bit, 16 bit or 8 bit sampling (which I configure with the function FDwfDigitalInSampleFormatSet). The maximum size I can set via FDwfDigitalInBufferSizeSet() is 64M (i.e. 67108864), no matter what sample size I set via FDwfDigitalInSampleFormatSet(). That is, if I try to set a higher value for the buffer size, FDwfDigitalInBufferSizeGe