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  1. The USB would be connected to the computer. The breadboard could also be powered by another USB connection from sometimes the same computer or possibly from another computer but it could also be power from an external power supply. So, i guess the answer would be sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  2. Is it required to turn off power to the CMod S6 before plugging it back into USB to reprogram it? Is it like Arduino where it can be connected to an external power supply (pins 24/25) and still plug a USB into it?
  3. I am a teacher for Project Lead the Way and my course is Digital Electronics. In the course we use the CMOD S6 for about half of the course. Typically we use a program called Multisim to create circuits in what is know as PLD mode (Programmable Logic Device) and we export those programs via USB to the CMOD S6 that is attached to a specialty breadboard that can provide power, buttons, switches, etc. My issue is that I cannot find any documentation about what each of the 48 pins can be used for. We are told 24 and 25 are power and ground and we should use PIO14 to hook up an external clock b