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  1. Hi JColvin, I borrowed a Xilinx ZC702 board and brought it up. I built a Vivado project, generated bit file and SDK. I can run LED tests via GPIO with ZC702. We really want to use Zedboard since it is smaller. How much work involved to bring up Zedboard? what is included in the Zedboard package? How many useful I/O in Zedboard? Thanks, Shuguang
  2. Hi zygot: Thanks for your quick reply. Do I need Vivado 2014 or latest Version to develop Zync? My application is simple: we need 70 GPIOs and use CPU to do some simple controls through GPIOs. Is Zedboard suitable for the job? Thanks, Shuguang
  3. want to buy ZEDBOARD ZYNQ-7000 ARM/FPGA SOC. Will RTL code provided with the board? what do i expect to get? Thanks,