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  1. Once again, no, it does not show up in windows device manager, I've done this on multiple computers, multiple cords. It is not detected on any device.
  2. I have plugged the device in on multiple computers, using multiple plugs, it's not powering on at all, no green light. I looked at the board itself, nothing looks fried. I dont want to spend another $250 on a product that managed to break for no reason. It worked the last time I used it in december 2018 and it worked fine, and I used it again in April 2019 and it doesnt? Is there some sort of warranty/replacement/repair option?
  3. Still Not working, still need help. I'm assuming the device shorted out somehow, I don't understand how. Is there anything I could do? Send it in for a replacement? or to be repaired? Thank you to whoever can give me answers.
  4. its not detected by waveforms or windows device manager.
  5. I bought an Analog Discovery 2 on 8/23/17. I used it my first year for labs. I stopped using it from December ,2018 till April 2019. When I went to go use it a week or two ago, it would not work. Waveform would not recognize it. The led would not light up when plugged in. I tried using different cables and on different computers to test out if it was just a connection issue. Any feedback on what can be done to help fix this issue is greatly appreciated.