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  1. Hi Everyone, I have a project with Ultra96, I am using Petalinhx Vivado SDK 2018.2 and Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS When I am using Ultra96.bsp and download to SD-Card.Everything ok, Wifi hotspot is appear with name "Ultra96 <MAC>" with IP I can log on default Webserver, My question: 1)How to create hotspot with other IP?Ex: I am create a wlan0 use IP of Wifi ( and I can log on to that address. I am using wpa_supplication : ssid = " NAME_WIFI" psk ="PASSWORD" 2)When I have a hotspot with IP address I want to create a webserver to send and receiver though USB or other ? I have using BusyBox to take a index.html on a IP.It's successfully, but I have not BOOT to SD-Card. If you know the question,please tell me Thank you very much, vanloc,