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  1. Thank you Jon... I got the PM and will follow up as you suggested.
  2. I am still looking for more details on the USB-UART. I hope there is help for this available from digilent
  3. Thanks for your input. I have looked at several of the boards and see the same problem with a few of them. However, some of the documentation seems to show more information. I want to have the full schematic so I'm sure I don't "hook up" something and let the smoke out.
  4. The CMOD A7 schematic is missing some items. For example: The USB connector and associated circuitry is missing from the schematic. Only the UART connections at the are shown on sheet 3. The signals UART_TXD_IN, and UART_RXD_OUT are shown on pins J17 & J18 (Bank 14) but can not be found anywhere else in the schematic. All of the remaining USB schematic items (components, JTAG signals, etc) are missing. Is there a complete schematic available?