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  1. I apologize for missing this posting. Yes, I was contacted, sent a new unit, and shipped the defective unit back to Digilent for failure analysis. Thank you for your support. @doconnor
  2. Thanks for the tag. I received an email: I am raising a replacement request, the Digilent Sales Dept. will contact you for more details. Best Regards, Cristian Fatu I haven’t heard from sales as of yet. Anxiously Awaiting, doconnor
  3. Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. Setup is always doubtful. Yet, I had it setup correctly with no success. I left a message on the Tech. Support Forum, but as of yet not received a response. Is there a link for Tech. Support apart from the forum that I can utilize?
  4. I just received an Analog 2 today. Upon hooking up the waveform generator to the scope, on both channels, I get a -5.25V output. My waveform was selected to be a simple 1KHz 1V sine waveform. Neither selections from the plethora of wave forms nor stopping and starting change the output from the channels. What is the process of returning the broken unit for a good one?