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  1. [Solved] Now (after loading Adept) going back to the Basic IO Example the hardware opens right up. And I can program the board. I must have been missing some definition file or a driver somewhere that Adept took care of. Thanks for the help Jon. I really like the way the Cora board is designed, very useful.
  2. Hi Jon - Thanks for the help. 1) Adept sees the board right away (See attached). And I see the board as a serial port when it is attached. 2) Windows 7 3) JTAG Jumper is open. 4) I power the board from the USB port.
  3. On the Cora Z7 Basic IO Example. I get the proper files from GitHub, Vivado (2017.4) Starts and loads the project fine, Vivado will "Generate Bitstream" the project without error. I can't get past the: "Open Hardware Manager -> Open Target" The menu bar continues to say "No Hardware Target is Open" (in green) Even though the Hardware Window says: "localhost(0) connected." So the "Program Device" stays greyed out. I'm missing something very basic - any ideas? Edit: I should mention that I can run a processor "Hello World" example from the SDK just fine, so the board appears to work. Thanks for your time.