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  1. Hello, I am currently working on a Project involving a Microblaze core on an Arty A7 board. Everything works fine by programming the board nonpermantly from Vivado and SDK. I am using 2018.3 and even tried 2019.1 today. However, there is a problem with the startup of the firmware, when I upload it to the flash memory following the "How To Store Your SDK Project in SPI Flash" tutorial. First of all, when I power the device, the FPGA is initialized which I can see by an LED lighting up as it is hardwired to a constant 1. "Done" LED also lights up. The problem is, that the bootloader does not load anything. When I debug the bootloader by printing something over UART (verbose mode), there is nothing. When I run the system debugger from SDK with the bootloader code, the bootloader starts and sucessfully reads the flash from Address 0xC00000 and my application starts on the microblaze. What am I doing wrong and what can I do to find the problem? Best regards