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  1. Hi Jon, As you suggested i have already followed the tutorial Zynq Server tutorial, still i was facing the problem. But later i found the mistake in Block Design, the ethernet MDIO pin was made Extended (EMIO), i connected MDIO pin to corresponding MDIO pin. Then the demo code started working. Thanks for your time. Regards Ajeeth Kumar
  2. Hi folks, I hope all is well with you. I am a newbie to zynq AP SoC. I started working with Digilent Zybo board, lwip ethernet echo server example. Problems facing. 1. Auto Negotiation failure if i set the link speed to auto in bsp. If i set link speed to 1000Mbps the program says that the ethernet link is down. 2. How to modify the echo server program where i can send and receive data to a specific ip address with specific port number as Server and also as client. I am using a Xilinx SDK version 2018.3 Operating system: Windows 10 Happy to hear a best possible solution from you folks. Thanks in advance. Regards Ajeeth kumar