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  1. Hi @jpeyron, As you suggested to start with this C:\Xilinx\SDK\2018.3\data\embeddedsw\XilinxProcessorIPLib\drivers\uartns550_v3_5. I have already gone through that example provided by xilinx and tried running it. With this example as a base, I have started my project. So just by having a look at the example project is not going to help me out I guess. Regards Ajeeth Kumar
  2. Hi @jpeyron, Thanks for responding to my query. In my project i am using UART16550 IP, so inputs related to UART16550 will be helpful for me to proceed. Regards Ajeeth Kumar
  3. Hi, I am working on a project where i use four UART for an application, all four uart lines sends and receives approx. 20 bytes of characters and expects 20 bytes o character in every 16 milliseconds. And the data transfer will be continuous. NOTE : All four UARTs, are on PL side and controlled by PS of my zynq SoC.. NODE B : Zybo NODE A : Subsystem The UART communication is between NODE A and NODE B. NODE A sends data to NODE B, in turn NODE B should receive the data and reply with an acknowledgement. In this case NODE B is my Zybo Node A is another subsystem.
  4. Hi @jpeyron @xc6lx45, I'm glad to say that i have resolved the issue. The problem was in interrupt setup for UART, where i was calling send and receive function right after the initialization of each UART. I would like to thank you for sparing your time in solving my issue. Regards Ajeeth kumar
  5. Hi @xc6lx45 @jpeyron, I have found out where exactly the problem lies in my project. There's a problem in setting up of the interrupt for UART (PL side). I have integrated 4 number of UART16550 IP, where i have found that in interrupt setup only one UART16500 is setting up properly when it tries to initialize rest of the UART in software side the zybo hangs up. I guess i am not setting up the interrupt in a proper way. My project has Ethernet and UART16550 which works interrupt based. Below is my interrupt setup. interrupt_setup.c
  6. Hi @jpeyron Here is a link to my compressed Xilinx project --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/15HvUP4OmN7HSjwwvhAJ9DW-xC79KNIvr/view?usp=sharing Regards Ajeeth Kumar
  7. Hi @xc6lx45, Thanks for your suggestion. I was trying to give a delay of 2 seconds in the fsbl main function. still i didn't find any improvement with the delay. Kindly have a look at the attachments to know where exactly i add delay.
  8. Can i get your mail ID so that i can share the project to you personally.
  9. Hi Jon, Thanks for replying to my query,. As you suggested, i have already tried adding some delay of 5 seconds in the beginning of my C program's main function. I didn't find any difference by doing this activity. I will share you the link to my project very shortly
  10. Hi, I am working on a project where i'm using Digilent zybo AP SoC with xilinx vivado for Hardware design and Xilinx SDK for software design. My application uses following protocol/peripherals: 1. UARTns16550 PL side (Programmable Logic) in interrupt mode. 2. GPIOs 3. Ethernet mac (lwIP stack) I started my software design using xilinx lwip perf client application project. Then i started modifying the perf client C code according to my need. My project contains Uartns16550, tcp/ip server and client program which receives real-time data. So coming to my problem, i am able
  11. Hi Jon, As you suggested i have already followed the tutorial Zynq Server tutorial, still i was facing the problem. But later i found the mistake in Block Design, the ethernet MDIO pin was made Extended (EMIO), i connected MDIO pin to corresponding MDIO pin. Then the demo code started working. Thanks for your time. Regards Ajeeth Kumar
  12. Hi folks, I hope all is well with you. I am a newbie to zynq AP SoC. I started working with Digilent Zybo board, lwip ethernet echo server example. Problems facing. 1. Auto Negotiation failure if i set the link speed to auto in bsp. If i set link speed to 1000Mbps the program says that the ethernet link is down. 2. How to modify the echo server program where i can send and receive data to a specific ip address with specific port number as Server and also as client. I am using a Xilinx SDK version 2018.3 Operating system: Windows 10 Happy to hear a best