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  1. OpenLogger configured on a WIN10 PC to connect with the WiFi on my iPhone Hotspot. I can now see the same in Saved SSID profile on the config page. So far so good. ( Incidentally once a SSID is configured and saved I guess the IP number for the OpenLogger does not change ?) I then disconnect the OpenLogger from the PC and connect it to a simple 5V USB power adaptor. I then establish the WiFi link with my iPhone 7 But it does not go beyond the " Connecting to device " message. Then nothing happens. Tried all possible iterations like first opening hotspot and then the Openlogger power. Either way the Blue LED glows solid but nothing more. My iOS version is 12.3.1 and the Openlogger firmware is 0.1807.0
  2. Hello Andrew, Going by your first sentence I gather its working fine on WIN10 machines. And that also means the piece i got has a hardware bug.... all our various efforts so far were with the basic ASSUMPTION that the OpenLogger I have is perfect. With no way to return I guess I will need to buy one more as the functionalities that it has are the exact ones required by me and I cannot change all my laptops to WIN8.1. Now I am not sure of the delivery times ...
  3. Hi Andrew I just tuned out for some weeks to see if there are any updates posted in the interim. And whether that will help my now Openlogger that is not Win10 friendly. But still the same status. I see that there is a new firmware 0.1807 but of course that never updates as it fails in the end. And I try to do a raw update without bootloader but for that the Web page is still only the 0.1719 version. You cannot win either way !! I have checked Task Manager and only one version of the Agent is running ( Version 1.4) and I am able to see a page " Debug Controller page …" And that's it …. no logging to SD card .... no WiFi. The board is idling happily. Actually I feel bad in posting only problems here.. as I am sure such a product would have passed rigorous testing. Maybe I am stuck with a dud piece.
  4. @AndrewHolzer 1. Tried to change the localhost to with the On Line version of WaveForm Live. No luck. 2. Could not carry out the check with the WIN8.1 machine on network as that engineer is on leave. 3. Installed a new copy of the Digilent Agent ( 1.2.4) and checked. The screen shot is attached. 4. Antivirus .... I run the native Windows Defender and have enabled pass through Firewall. See attachment. But I see two copies of Digilent Agent ? I am sure I uninstalled the old version before installing the latest. If you see the Chrome screen shot , you will see it is saying " Insecure" in the address bar. Is this the reason it cannot connect with Agent ?
  5. @AndrewHolzer Could carry all your instructions : 1. I am not running any VPN. 2. Work exclusively with WiFi only and no cable is plugged into the RJ45 Ethernet port. Yet went ahead and set the priority metrics for WiFi as 1 and Ethernet as 2. 3. Localhost pings fine with no issues. 4. Attaching the console out after doing above. Now I got a message saying No Response. ( In this i see a large chunk of warning in red. ) 5. As ever, could connect after I invoked the Airplane mode but of course only on default profile settings. Waiting for your further instructions. If its working with so many other people it should for me also !! Thanks for your time. Raghu
  6. Followed your instructions and was able to obtain a screen shot of the failed connect process. Attaching it herewith .. Please let me know the next step. And just FYI, even now if I disable WiFi on my laptop, I can connect to the Localhost: 42315 server. Of course it uses the default profile for this.
  7. Good news !! OK the Waveforms Live version 1.4.10 works in local mode on a WIN10 laptop. But I don't think it launches with the last saved profile... will be a big advantage if it does. Now every time I have to choose the saved profile. ( or am I expecting way too much ??) Even now for some odd reason, the on line version does not work .... it launches but fails to connect when I click ADD. Ctrl+Shift+R relaunches but still does not help. So i first disconnect WiFi by choosing Airplane mode and force the Agent to connect to the local copy. I know it sounds pretty funny but that is the fact. Per se this is better than the previous instance where i could not connect in any mode on a WIN10 machine. Now I will have to check the SD card logging ... who said life is boring ?!🤣
  8. Sure Andrew... I will help you as much as I can. As a LabVIEW programmer for more than decade, I know Digilent very well and I am sure they dont publish buggy SW. I only need to latch on to the offending part ... The local copy of WindowsLive is 1.3.0. I have downloaded the latest but see its only 1.4.5 whereas the the live on on the web is 1.4.8. For sure I will try to swap the local copy as you guided. Attaching the details of my PC.
  9. Hi Andrew.... so kind of you. Thanks for the support. SO all my woes boil down to two things : 1. For some odd reason WIN10 does not connect using the on line version of WaveForms Live. I have even tried with totally disabling Firewalls of Defender on Domain/Private/Public nets. 2. The bigger problem is when I force Agent to fire up the local copy of WaveForms live it identifies the Openlogger as OpenScope and hence does not work at all ... even the Instrument panel does not fire up. Maybe the copy of Waveforms Live that Agent installs needs a fix too. Till the above bug is fixed looks like I have to live with the laptop with WIN 8.1 only.
  10. Further to my struggles here https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/17957-open-logger-some-basic-doubts/?tab=comments#comment-46282 I must say today was a lucky day ... Yes the OpenLoggerMZ worked as it should with another laptop running WINDOWS 8.1. Using this opp i even upgraded the firmware to 0.1719.0 and all well. Could feed the Wavegen output to CH1 and could see the plot. Atleast the board is still not bricked ... whew !! Then try the same with WINDOWS 10 which is my own laptop. Nothing works . Board connects only in offline mode and even then reports OpenScopeMZ ( see the mess in the reporting .. OSMZ and bottom line reads OpenLoggerMZ) and of course nothing more happens. So its confirmed that this board is not working with WIN10. I even tried to invoke compatibility mode with WIN8.1. No luck
  11. Just landed on this help page for Waveforms Live. https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/waveforms-live/update-firmware Its clear that OpenLogger firmware update is NOT supported by this application. So looks like I need to get hold of the 0.1719.0.hex file and flash the OpenLogger with it. I now should where to get it ... would have been great if this was uploaded on the Resources page instead of the old 0.1691.0 stuff.
  12. Hi Colvin, Glad to get a response. I am using the OpenLogger MZ only. And even Agent reports it like that only. Let me summarize the exact situation I am in : 1. Agent V1.23 is running . 2. I connect OpenLogger via USB. Connects via COM port 27. 3. I choose Airplane mode to delink from Net. Yes unless I do this Agent does NOT connect. 4. I choose WaveForm Live via Agent. Get connected. 5. I again link to the net and click Update Firmware. The resulting screen is what you see attached. I dont even know about the firmware 0.1719.0. Where can I get it ? Possibly all my woes are gone if I get the right Firmware. Please help. And just one last question : As of now for logging I need to be connected to the PC and running Waveform Live. Right ?
  13. I got my Open logger on Monday and till date I have struggled enough but yet to see a single plot on screen. So have been wanting to get some tips in this thread...https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/17957-open-logger-some-basic-doubts/ With no possibility of updating the firmware past the version 0.1691.0 and the WaveForms Live throwing up only errors its really frustrating.
  14. OK to cut a long story short I have reached somewhere and got stuck here : 1. The OpenLogger connects to Agent only when there is no WiFi connected to the laptop ( WIN10) . I know this sounds silly but that is the fact. 2. I can only download the firmware 0.1691 by the direct method. And this firmware is really useless … nothing works when I click Instrument Panel. Just get a message Connecting and then nothing happens 😞 3. If I connect to the net and download the firmware 1.301 or something like that, it runs all the way and freezes. And it hangs at the Trying to Reconnect and then says Update Failed. 4. Tried Microsoft Edge and Chrome and results are same. So much for a revolutionary product through Crowd Funding. I am loosing all hope of seeing any plot on screen... Just a cute looking PCB that does nothing 😈
  15. @Fa-b ...Thanks. I am well past those stages and have discovered a few things however ridiculous they may look : 1. The Agent connects to the board only when in Airplane mode. Meaning it connects only when the local copy of WaveForms Live is used by the Agent. 2. All right it connected and asked me to update the firmware. Fair enough. 3. Followed the process only to get stuck at the last bit.... followed by Update Failed message. 4. Now with no firmware the board is dead. 5. Ok now its time to load the firmware the hardway by entering boot load.. and choosing to download the HEX file . But that seems to be written by my grand dad … its so old. Something like 0.1691 whereas the latest is 1.301 something. Really I am at my wits end.. its a product from Diligient and looks so Pro but if I am struggling like this I wonder a guy who has not worked with embedded systems and knows nothing about firmware/ flashing and the like. For sure its not for the weak at heart !! Ha ha ..
  16. My experience with the Open Logger is almost same … in my case I did follow the Getting Started instruction page and installed the Agent and made sure it was running . Yes it was running and then launched the WaveForms Live via the link on that TaskBar icon of the Agent. I am running WIN10 and my DeviceManager reports that USB-Serial is active on COM27. But I keep getting the " ... unable to connect. Is the Agent running ?? " message. I am very unhappy 😞
  17. Hi to all !! Got my OpenLogger and installed Digilent Agent on my Windows 10 notebook. No errors. 1. Then followed line by line the Getting Started instructions. Have come stuck at the Device Identification via Agent. I just get a message " Error connecting to device " . What could be wrong ?? 2. Am I supposed to power up the board or only the USB cable is enough ? When exactly one use the DC power socket for power up? The manual is sadly silent on this ... 3. Instead of the Web based Waveforms Live how to host it locally on my PC ? When I try to enter http://localhost:42315 into Chrome browser I get a 404 response. I even tried to run the Agent in WIN8 compatibility mode. No use... SO what else do I need to check