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  1. Well... I cam looking for any upgrade to the firmware and was kind of shocked to see a message saying Open Logger is retired. Anyway there were many instances where I used to suspect my own capabilities when the unit misbehaved and actually grew tired of asking here. So I have not been alone in this fight to make this work. It remains a cute but unreliable piece of equipment. Sad to see it go
  2. Hi Andrew, Ok once I knew that the logging is in binary format, I gave up trying even. I should either have a converter that works or logging should happen in a CSV file. Anyway the file export works nicely and I am happy with it. After my last few posts I have been spending time with the open logger and it has now come to terms with me and is listening to my commands ! WiFi link is working. I can save logging profiles. And recall profiles. Anyway the Function Gen settings are not getting saved to profiles but that is OK. Can manage. And when something acts funny , a
  3. Hello Andrew, Ok subsequent to the above post I tried to link to my iPhone hot spot and that worked. Of course one has to follow a sequence - have the iPhone hotspot enabled and then power up the OpenLogger. It connects . That is the most popular use case as in the field we don't have routers and if it links direct to the phone its good. So right now I am with it. As usual with iPhone lot of tech information is abstracted and I don't know if my password was WPA or WPA2. As to the Router in my office its a D-Link DIR-636L router and a simple WPA2 security( no enterprise ).
  4. Hi Colvin thanks. So kind of you to keep tracing this. Will wait for the update. well yesterday was good. I somehow managed to link up with WiFi on my cell following your order of powering / resetting etc. And also the WFL app is no good. Could log on via the browser. That’s some way forward. The logging to SD card is still buggy and anyway even if I log what do I do with a binary file. Since the export to CSV works maybe I can manage. But one thing I have to agree ... if the board is in the mood to work it works great. Maybe the position of some planet is l
  5. Hi Colvin That was news to know the Open logger can work in standalone mode and the Log on Boot now makes sense. So it being a "blind logger " with no display, I will now have to depend on the WiFi to really know if its logging anything to the SD card. Now in both the boards that I have, both SD card and Wifi keep doing funny things and impossible message boxes and so it saves me lots of trouble trying to finger them !! This link is dead : https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/18263-openscope-and-openlogger-log-file-utility-export-to-csv/?do=findComment&comment=50627
  6. I don't know if I am alone in the following areas - but fact remains there is no reliability at all with respect to the user interface and many other areas. Specific failures are as below : 1. The File Explorer for flash shows saved profiles but i am unable to choose any as only the New Profile shows up in the drop down. 2. Data logging to SD card formatted FAT32 and 16 GB size - I only get error message and some file on the SD card which is binary. 3. WiFi - well after lots of circus I went past the saving stage ( it only shows WPA security and so I changed my router to matc
  7. Thanks Colvin ! After I posted and shut down the system and re-started all things fell in place. Possibly in the first instance I was changing too many parameters on the fly with both Streaming and WavGen running and the system became unstable. Now its fine. I would like to make make all my settings on the right side as Default settings to be pulled up when the WaveForms live loads .. I think Profiles are stored in flash. Will selecting Log on Booting do that ? Also I get a "Error Starting or Running " if I try to log to a SD Card. Its a Sandisk 32GB MicroSD formatted f
  8. I was trying to generate a Sine and Square wave using the FG functionality in the Open Logger. A few observations : 1. I chose a Sinewave of 1V pk-pk and 50Hz to simulate a mains frequency sampling. I then fed this signal to AIN1 channel. But was surprised to see that the pk-pk was far less than 1V. It actually was around 0.6V. Tried other voltages also but the result was same. Not sure why. 2. I then tried a low frequency square wave and what i got was not anywhere near a square wave -- it had pretty rounded rise and fall edges. Is the above due to the fact that this board
  9. OpenLogger configured on a WIN10 PC to connect with the WiFi on my iPhone Hotspot. I can now see the same in Saved SSID profile on the config page. So far so good. ( Incidentally once a SSID is configured and saved I guess the IP number for the OpenLogger does not change ?) I then disconnect the OpenLogger from the PC and connect it to a simple 5V USB power adaptor. I then establish the WiFi link with my iPhone 7 But it does not go beyond the " Connecting to device " message. Then nothing happens. Tried all possible iterations like first opening hotspot and then the Openlogge
  10. Hello Andrew, Going by your first sentence I gather its working fine on WIN10 machines. And that also means the piece i got has a hardware bug.... all our various efforts so far were with the basic ASSUMPTION that the OpenLogger I have is perfect. With no way to return I guess I will need to buy one more as the functionalities that it has are the exact ones required by me and I cannot change all my laptops to WIN8.1. Now I am not sure of the delivery times ...
  11. Hi Andrew I just tuned out for some weeks to see if there are any updates posted in the interim. And whether that will help my now Openlogger that is not Win10 friendly. But still the same status. I see that there is a new firmware 0.1807 but of course that never updates as it fails in the end. And I try to do a raw update without bootloader but for that the Web page is still only the 0.1719 version. You cannot win either way !! I have checked Task Manager and only one version of the Agent is running ( Version 1.4) and I am able to see a page " Debug Controller page …" And
  12. @AndrewHolzer 1. Tried to change the localhost to with the On Line version of WaveForm Live. No luck. 2. Could not carry out the check with the WIN8.1 machine on network as that engineer is on leave. 3. Installed a new copy of the Digilent Agent ( 1.2.4) and checked. The screen shot is attached. 4. Antivirus .... I run the native Windows Defender and have enabled pass through Firewall. See attachment. But I see two copies of Digilent Agent ? I am sure I uninstalled the old version before installing the latest. If you see the Chrome screen
  13. @AndrewHolzer Could carry all your instructions : 1. I am not running any VPN. 2. Work exclusively with WiFi only and no cable is plugged into the RJ45 Ethernet port. Yet went ahead and set the priority metrics for WiFi as 1 and Ethernet as 2. 3. Localhost pings fine with no issues. 4. Attaching the console out after doing above. Now I got a message saying No Response. ( In this i see a large chunk of warning in red. ) 5. As ever, could connect after I invoked the Airplane mode but of course only on default profile settings. Waiting for your further in
  14. Followed your instructions and was able to obtain a screen shot of the failed connect process. Attaching it herewith .. Please let me know the next step. And just FYI, even now if I disable WiFi on my laptop, I can connect to the Localhost: 42315 server. Of course it uses the default profile for this.
  15. Good news !! OK the Waveforms Live version 1.4.10 works in local mode on a WIN10 laptop. But I don't think it launches with the last saved profile... will be a big advantage if it does. Now every time I have to choose the saved profile. ( or am I expecting way too much ??) Even now for some odd reason, the on line version does not work .... it launches but fails to connect when I click ADD. Ctrl+Shift+R relaunches but still does not help. So i first disconnect WiFi by choosing Airplane mode and force the Agent to connect to the local copy. I know it sounds pretty funny but tha