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  1. I have cross compiled executable file from QT 4.8.7 and i am running it on SDR ADRV9361 board (Linaro-Ubuntu). When i run the cross compiled executable file (which is cross compiled on Ubuntu 16.04) on my SDR board, i got the error message like : " symbol lookup error : ./project: undefined symbol: _ZN7QWidget8qwsEventEP8QWSEvent". I don't know why i am getting this error as I conformed tool chain version on both side, please help. I followed following forums:
  2. Thanks for respond: Do you have any source where exactly performed those process (cross-compile) for sdr adrv9361 board or any other fpga board?
  3. I am currently working on srd adrv9361 board. I have created a simple Qt Widgets application to control my board Pmods at real-time, Now I have to do cross-compile that application for sdr board. If you have any idea about it and you will share with me. That would be very very appreciable, Thanks in advance.