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  1. Hi Jon Yes jon As a webmaster told mr about programming a Rasperry Pi under Linux envirenemet, i d like to know if with Labwiew the routines are the sames under Windows 10 ? Thanks Eric
  2. Hi Jon I ll be patient for the response, but don t forget me pls Thanks Eric
  3. Hi Jon I ve not clearly asked my question: In fact id like to know if ( when labview is lauched ( 2014 or 2018 )) The developper language in the app is different when using Linux or Wndows 10 ? Am i clear now ? Thanks Eric
  4. Hi Jon Thank you for your response I ve got soon an oscilloscope, a logic analyzer and a function generator GPIB I m using the windows 10 version of labview 2018: is the language used in labview the same as for Linux, pls ? Thanks for your attention
  5. Hello I m an small user of arduino I d like to increase my knowledge in Rasperry Pi I m interested too to use Labveiw 2018 and would like to know if the digigents Labview products 2014 are compatible with my configuration otherwise i m interested in all about eletronics builds in kit or to do in a board In also interested to use again oscoloscope , signal generator and numerical analusor i m also preparing my Ham license ( Radio user ) in France i a club witch likes also a lot play with electronics cractions I ve studied in a electro-electronico mechanical school on aircraft in Air France ( but it was a long time ago ). I works in the logistical department in aircraft parts: Far from my loved beguiners work on planes. Thanks for your attention and happy and enjoyed to know new friends in electronic creations Nice to be here