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  1. Should really pay attention to what people are saying.....AD2 is a very good unit but its useless if the user cannot operate it nor find reliable instructions or tutorials. I'm here because of the Tips: issue as well but after looking around and not finding the word "Tip" in the help search. I was dumb founded. After a hour I realize that the nomenclature is incorrect. These are not tips or tool tips in its typical usage. This is a feature that should be named in a manner that defines its function. Replace Tips with SCR: (System Configuration Requirements): Once your configuration is acceptable the SCR will be removed. Tips are FYI's that can be ignored or removed. These are requirements that must be addressed. As I stated before There should be a complete video for each application of Wave form. It should be a step by step tutorial with Practical Usage: Objective: Scope of Work: Procedure: Conclusion: I had to use this guys video to get a practical understanding of what to do and then apply it to Waveform. Just saying. Inobu
  2. This isn't a question but a solution to a potential problem. Synopsis : I wanted to verify the comm port assignment on my PC to insure the AD2 had its own comm port and my serial port had its Comm Port. I could not see the comm port assignment for the AD2. Show Hidden did not reveal the AD2 in Device Manager as well. Problem: Windows 10 does not show the Comm Port assignment in Device Manager for the AD2. Although you can hear the connection being assigned you cannot see it. Solution: Open device manager: Right Click on Windows task bar and select Device Manager from the list. In Device Manager: Select View then "Device by Container". It will reveal the Digilent Device but no Comm Port number. Right click over the Digilent device and select properties.. Click the VCP (Virtual Comm Port) Close and Windows will assign the comm port and it will be displayed. The AD2 was associated to USB Serial Converter but not its own Comm Port. The VCP field placed it in cue for a comm port. Hope this helps Inobu
  3. Kaitlyn, Its good that you responded as you are the face of the AD2 as there's no one better to talk to. It comes down to knowing your users and what their needs are. I do prototyping and my needs varies. I bought the AD2 because it covers the full gambit of potential test features I could be faced with. For me everything is short duration in learning new tools to complete a project is important. Being able to find general information, principles and logic helps to ease the learning curve. Tutorial makes it easier. Sometimes a few tweaks on a tutorial is all that's needed. If it were me, I would create a list of expected uses for each feature operation (Scope, Wavegen,Supplies......etc ]) Within each of those feature operations I would pick the most common uses and then divide them in to 3 levels of complexity. That way a user can manage their learning curve. Get a hold of Microsoft Viso and use the flowchart to create a visual procedure of the tutorial. Use the flowchart it to create your video and refine it. The flowchart should have every step wire, connection, setting performed. When you are ready have co-workers to test the tutorial and identify potential roadblocks. This is the most important step. Observe their test as any trouble they encounter will most likely be encountered by an actual user. Resolve and note the roadblocks in the tutorial and release. Your objective is to have anyone at any level carry out the tutorial to completion. We all want easy....... Complaints without solutions is called crying. I've got to get back to work.... Good luck Inobu
  4. Time to expound on the support video. Specifically the AD2. Search "analog discovery 2 tutorial" on youtube and the results yields your quick start videos. Those videos are basically a verbal mouse overs. The AD2 is on the Higher end of the price spectrum so user created videos are limited. The only way to increase users/sales is product awareness associated with easy of operation. The tutorial tasks should be at lower mid level complexity as this product users is not going to spend $300 to test a blinking LED. Its all about support and how easy it is accessed. Inobu
  5. Hi all, Can someone give me a quick synopsis of what I need to do in creating a DCC (Model Train Digital Command Control) sniffer. It was done with an Ardino (Didn't sink in until after I bought a AD2.) The sad thing is I have an Ardiuno sitting on my shelf. So $300 later I need Ill just keep moving forward. The only consolation I have is that I want to trap Railcom DCC packets which is a variant of DCC From what I see I need to parse the captured input into logical strings. Can I follow what was done in Ardinuo and use Waveform to do the same? Gheers and Cheers are all welcome Thanks. Inobu