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  1. I was working on my project the other day and in between launches, the Vivado SDK stopped generating the drivers folder. I didn't change anything in my block diagram and only changed a little bit of VHDL in the top file (creating 2 wires unrealated to the IP cores). My block diagram has a Microblaze connected to 3 PMOD SD blocks and a BRAM controller. I've grabbed the most recent version of the vivado-master library from Digilent's Git. I'll attach the SDK output log. Let me know what else you need from me, and thanks a million in advance everyone! SDK.log
  2. So i did manage to get the multiple line print error fixed. By keeping track how how many bytes are being written to the card and then seeking by that amount I am able to print to the end of the file. It's not the most elegant solution but it works.
  3. Attached is a screenshot of the problems window in the SDK. This was accomplished by replacing the code in fs_ff.h and fs_ff.c with the code in the new version of ff.h and ff.c, there are a lot of errors being thrown by the DFATFS.cpp file.
  4. So it looks like the version of DFATFS and fs_ff that Digilent provides in the PMOD SD library doesn't support FA_OPEN_APPEND. Is it possible to write to the end of the file using the packaged version from the vivado-master-master repository? Or will I have to create new files anytime I want to write new data?
  5. Thanks for the reply Jon, I have a subroutine that scans a random number generator. When a new value is detected it calls the SD print function. The print subroutine only prints one line to the SD card, but instead of printing to the EOF it overwrites the same line every time. The project uses DFATFS.h which includes fs_ff.h, the version DFATFS.h is from 2015 and the version of fs_ff.h is from 2014. I noticed that fs_ff.h doesn't have FA_OPEN_APPEND defined, according to the folk over at StackOverflow told me that opening the file with the mode FA_WRITE | FA_OPEN_APPEND will let me write
  6. A follow up, I've tried to use file.fslseek(file.fseof()); before I run the file.fswrite() function but it still doesn't write to the end of the file. The file is opened with fr = file.fsopen("name.txt", FA_WRITE | FA_OPEN_ALWAYS); where fr is the FSTATUS variable.
  7. So for my senior design project we're using a microblaze to poll a number generator and then write that data to an SD card. I've adapted the demo code provided in the PMOD microsd driver files to take input variables and write them to a string. Then I take that string and write it to the SD card. My problem is that no matter what I try I can't print to multiple lines. I've looked in the DFATFS.h file where all the functions are abstracted but I'm at a bit of a loss. I'll attach a text file containing the subroutine that writes to the SD card (it gets called when ever there is a new value to wr