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  1. In case anyone else happens to look at this thread I'll add more details that I thought were probably obvious. I am using a 433MHZ rf module with an arduino nano, I am able to receive packets from a remote transmitter and decode them using an arduino sketch. I just bought an open scope MZ and was hoping to use it, 1 to learn about using a scope and 2 to use another method to decode the binary data. I am a noob as disclosed in the title and am trying to learn something new. I'm not asking someone to do it for me. I am concerned based on the reviews that this device may not be able to handle this task. I have been able to decode it using SDR software and audacity so I know it doesn't take 50K dollars worth of equipment. Thanks for looking at this.
  2. xc6lx45, Thank you for the insightful response.
  3. This is my first experience with an O-Scope. I have watched all of the Digilent videos and tried to learn what I could before asking. I am trying to reverse engineer a remote by using a 433mhz receiver connected to an arduino and then measuring the pulse on pin D13 of the arduino per the sketch. I have tried connecting that pin to OSC1 and also a digital pin on the logic analyzer. I can occasionally see the voltage spike but I cannot break it down to the resolution needed to decode it. I don't know if I'm setting up the scope wrong or the scope is too slow (not capable) of measuring this. Any thoughts would really help. Thanks