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  1. Hi folks, We have a NetFPGA SUME and are bringing it up on a Dell T630 server with a Dell 0NT78X motherboard having a PCIe3.0 slot and running the acceptance tests mentioned in * The board is detected as a USB-UART target in the acceptance test * In the acceptance test, we run the "Run Auto Test". It says the bitstream is not found and asks to compile the project. (screenshot 1_cannot_find_bitstream.png) * On clicking yes, it says acceptance test xxxx does not exists and throws up a bunch of popups (screenshot 2_compiling_acceptance_tests.png) * When we try to build the aceptance tests by running the commands such as make PROJ=ddr3B project compile, it continues for a while and then gets stuck at a point such as the screenshot 3_progress_halted.png (screenshot 3_progress_halted.png) Could this be a hardware issue with the board? Could you folks help us with this? Note: The board does not get detected as a hardware target from Vivado GUI (screenshot 4_vivado_not_detecting_sume.png). Furthermore commands to flash bitfiles into the FPGA such as fpga -f reference_nic.bit brings up a error that the connection to the host failed, even when the SUME is properly seated in the PCIe3.0 G3 slot. (screenshot 5_bitfile_writing_not_working.png)
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