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  1. Hi @attila, The wiring was is the same, but I'm using the BNC adapter. I was doing some tests and taking some screenshots and I noticed that this behavior occur just when both outputs are connected to the circuit, an inverting summing amplifier, like in the schematic. I'm doing this to generate a third sine wave, like a three-phase system.
  2. Hi, I was using the wavegen to generate 2 sine waves and noted one weird behavior. - when I changed the amplitude of one channel the other channel also is affected (amplitude and phase) Before change (2V on each channel) After change (3V on each channel) The same behavior occurred on the last stable version and beta version (3.11.4). Thanks
  3. I'm using AD (1), but power supply is not a problem because the isolator use an independent power supply with TL431 and BJT to supply 5V. On windows 7 x64 AD + isolator works well, just with less update because of the USB 1.2 limitation (12mbps).
  4. Hi, I'm trying to use the AD on Orange Pi over a usb isolator based on ADUM4160. AD is recognized but I can't select it without error. I tested with a pendrive and works. Running on my win 7 notebook everything is ok with usb isolator and AD. Thanks
  5. You can change the resolution using the command "h3disp" ( When I installed the graphic interface there were some troubles with resolution in my monitor. With the correct selection the problem was solved.
  6. I've got a little tutorial on how to use Analog Discovery with Orange Pi PC Plus, an excellent alternative to power the system.
  7. I have been following many Analog Discovery users trying to use it in Raspbery Pi and also about the problems. I've got a little tutorial on how to use Analog Discovery with Orange Pi PC Plus, an excellent alternative to power the system.
  8. Hi @jpeyron and @attila. The original idea is to use some microcontroller and send the values over SPI, i2c or uart. I noted that it is possible to create custom codes / scripts for the SPI and I2C, but not to UART. Is it possible to control it using a script? Some example? Thnaks
  9. Hi, It's possible to execute the Waveforms software and in parallel execute some python script with waveforms API. I know, this can look crazy, but I'm thinking in add some physical knobs to control the values inside the Waveforms. Thanks.
  10. Hi @attila, thanks for the return. I forgot to say, the Waveforms is runing on arm linux, but I think the same occur in windows version. The last updates was very interesting. There is planning to add function to apply digital filters in waveforms
  11. Hi, I'm using the Waveforms 2015 3.5.4 and noted that in the average selection exist options from 1 to 1000, but any value under 100 will trigger an average of 100 acquisitions.