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  1. I'm a noob in the field of Zynq and Vivado stuff and am wanting to learn about it, so decided to start with it: A few months ago I bought from mouser the ZYBO-Z7 embedded vision bundel. Because I read somewhere on the internet that it only works well with vivido designer suite and not with the web pack, I also had a voucher. Since I'm a MacOs user (not Windows), I decided to install the latest Vivado on a latest CentOS Linux, as Xilinx works also with RedHat like linux. All this was installed using virtualbox. After many attempts I succeeded into installing the latest CentOs linux and after many more attempts I installed also the Vivado designer and validated the license on the voucher. However CentOS was, and remained very unstable and crashed very easily, and now I cannot even start it up. That where my license file went unused, but still redeemed. As the the license is a one time use (as I understand), I have the feeling that I've lost the license, without even having the occasion to use it even once. So my Zybo-Z7 is still collecting dust. What can be done to be able to operate my zybo-Z7 board? I have the understanding that Vivado design suite is essential to work with the Zybo board, and with the voucher one can use it without a very expensive license. Do I really need the Vivado design suite? Or can I also use the web pack version without drawbacks? Do I really need that license to make the most out of the Zybo board? I also don't know, if I install a e.g. Fedora (don't trust CentOs anymore) linux on a new virtual machine with the same Vivado design suite, then I don't know whether I can still use the license file again and add it to the vivado license manager without problems (I expect a rejection). I'm affraid to go again into a lot of effort for nothing. Is my license really lost? Should I care about? Many question while putting all my courage together to make a new attempt to learn about zynq and Vivado... Greetings,