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  1. I have successfully created a file and written data to an SD card using the WiFire. I used a SanDisk 32GB microSD card – refer to my previous question WiFire SD_ReadWrite. The example sketches should work. Best Regards, James
  2. Hi, I’m working on a project requiring UART data to be received at 921600kB on the ChipKit Wi-Fire, I can successfully receive at 115200kB but not at higher rates. What are the limitations in the UART receive using the Wi-Fire Digilent codes (Serial.available/ Serial.read)? I can successfully transmit at 921600kB. Best Regards, James
  3. Dear JColvin, Thank you for your prompt response. As per your suggestion, the SanDisk 64GB micro SD card is in fact exFAT format. I have a SanDisk 32GB micro SD card available today and note that is FAT32 compatible. I can confirm that the SD_ReadWrite example is fully working on the ChipKit Wi-Fire using the 32GB FAT32 compatible micro SD card. For the reference, I used a micro SD to SD adaptor to open the micro SD card on my home PC. Open file explorer -> right-click micro SD -> ‘Format’. In the format menu, the list of compatible formats can be viewed under the ‘file system’ drop down menu. Thanks again, kind regards, James
  4. Hi, I’m new to working with the chipKit Wi-fire board and wish to experiment with the SD_ReadWrite example. I have installed Arduino 1.8.9 on a Windows 10 machine and followed through instructions on setup. Referring to the chipKit Wi-Fire Board reference manual, I note the SD card CS is on pin 8 (pin 52). I have set chipSelect_SD_default = 52; Each time I run the program on the chipKit Wi-Fire board the SD card does not initialize ("initialization failed!"). The SD card is a SanDisk 64GB. Please could you advise if there are any instructions available on how to setup this example on the chipKit Wi-Fire rev.c board? I note there have been previous issues with the SD card on the Wi-Fire and wish to confirm if this example does work on the Wi-Fire board? Regards, James