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  1. Thanks for your input Jon. I have answered my own question. 1. The original configuration was correct (although I don't think the "Load VCP" checkbox should be checked - I don't have it checked now.). It seems counter-intuitive that the virtual comm port would be used by the JTAG debugger, but in retrospect, JTAG is serial, so Serial Converter is just fine. 2. My statement that the Metaware IDE did not recognize it was incorrect. I was getting a "Communications failed" message. 3. In fact, I clicked on the big red arrow to start the debug and this correctly downloads the code and moves to the first line in main(). But then I clicked the same button again to start the program running, which is of course wrong - it just tries to load another debug instance, which fails, resulting in the "Communications failed" message. 4. After I figured this out, clicking the red arrow once, follwed by the debug 'resume' button worked fine. 5. I feel stupid - I've used the Eclipse IDE and debugger before; I know how it works. My mind was in another place. Thanks again. Lee
  2. I am defeated. I am trying to install the Digilent drivers for JTAG and Serial Port on a Windows 7 system (the product is the Synopsys ARC EM Starter Kit). The USB Serial Port driver (Serial Converter B ) installs correctly and I can get output on Putty. Originally, the Serial Converter A driver installed as a VCP (Serial port driver), and I could not get it to install as anything else. In this configuration, the Adept program recognized the starter kit board as a Digilent device, but the Metaware IDE configured for the JTAG debugger could not find it. I rooted around and found that I could force the driver for Serial Converter A to be the Digilent JTAG Cable driver by specifying my own driver and choosing from the list of alternate drivers (I chose the Digilent JTAG Cable driver). Windows complains that the Digilent JTAG cable driver may not work (!) but I load it anyway. It may be right, because this doesn't fix anything, except that now the Adept program does not detect any devices. HELP! Regards, Lee