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  1. savmil

    Partial reconfiguration

    Artix 7, mounted on Nexys 4 DDR
  2. savmil

    Partial reconfiguration

    In my design i have a counter a register and the FSM that work with icap, when i read, i save only the state of register( frame where register is saved and i set manually place it far from other component), but when i write the frame not only i restore the state of register but also the counter and FSM return to the state when i read. Thank in advance.
  3. savmil

    Partial reconfiguration

    Hello, i'm trying to write frame for reconfigure my fpga on the fly. I have tested this design: i have an icap interface that read for me a frame and store it in flash, after when i press a button i read that frame from flash and i write it in the fpga, but i found a series of command that when icap execute it, i see a strange behaviour. When i write the frame, i see that not change only the frame that i have written to fpga, but it returns to a state that is indicated when i read the frame. There is a way to write a single frame on the fly, using icap?
  4. @JColvin @D@n, Thanks i have read that cs low is captured on rising edge, instead of falling edge, for this reason i have to be sure that my command is right. Thank for time spent to help me.
  5. @D@n, I see and i don't want to use microblaze but i don' t understand what i'm doing wrong. I control a lot of time my signal but for me i see that are correct, i attached a snapshot if you would to see. Pin naming: cs_n is chip select; quad_spi_line_i is MOSI; quad_spi_line_o is MISO; p_1_out is a 50 MHZ clock; Command is 05h, i read on the manual that before i have to send a command i have to set cs_n to low, wait for a rising edge of clock and after send command that is captured each rising edge of clock, for me flash have to sample 05h command but i have for all time one as output.
  6. @jpeyron, thanks i see that link, but i have to save data without microblaze, but i see it's difficult to find an example on nexys 4 without microblaze
  7. @D@n, My goal is to store and read data from flash but i want first create a FSM that send a correct command and read something. Thanks for information and for your work in that link you gave to me, but i found my problem and now i feel very stupid, i switched in my constraint file MOSI pin with MISO. I want to thank you for your blog because i see that are present a lot of interesting article. Sorry if i annoyed you and forum.
  8. @D@n, Thanks for help me. 1. i think logically signal is right because i see same signal that are showed in datasheet, but i want to control another time. 2. Thanks for simulation model i try with this. 3. I try a command like this because i want to create a FSM that works with all command 4. For now i want to have a simple controller because my concern is to store data. Thanks for all, if i can't resolve problem with this information i post another message, first i read your article that is very detailed. thanks another time.
  9. Hello to everyone, i have some problem to store data in a flash located on Nexys 4. Vivado tell me that is a s25fl128s, i have searched on the web and i found that STARTUPE2 USRCCLKO control post configuration access to spi. I create a fsm that connect clk of my top level entity to this pin and i create a tri-state component to use inout port to connect to spi interface, i want to use flash in single spi mode. I try to read from a register by writing a command, i see this command is correct in ila interface (in term of timing and information), but when i want to read data, i don't see anything. Can you help me? Thanks in advice