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  1. BTW, the forward mounting tabs on p/n 2134536-2 (mouser 571-2134536-2) are spaced apart not quite far enough for a decent fit. Trying to expand them a bit didn't help and made connection alignment iffy, so I am still looking for a source for WMRU2AB-05FLB2DSR-4.0 . Proper spacing seems to be about 7.15 mm. Some of the students also have managed to pull traces off the board so I am not even going to attempt repair on those. Once the semester is over I will take a hard look at all the boards and add some reinforcing epoxy between the connector and the board as the tiny red dots of adhesive do not seem to be sufficient. Thanks, John
  2. Hello JColvin, The connectors are totally broken off with the main issue being the mounting tabs. It is because the students aren't careful when removing the cable, mishandling their setup when using the board, or forcing the insertion. Many of the cables they are using have spring tangs on the mating connector which tend to lock in the corresponding slots in the connector housing. The links you provided look like they show a compatible connector so I will order some and try them out before committing to a larger quantity. Thanks much, John Evans - USAF Academy, CO
  3. Good day, We are having a number of students who have accidently broken off the micro USB connector from the Basys 3 board. Do you have a suitable sub part number for this connector J4 ? Thanks, John