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  1. HI @attila, Good news! I was fiddling around with my board, and suddenly it was detected as an unknown device. I reprogrammed it with the app you provided and all is working well now. I really don't know what caused it to 'die' and I can't figure out what caused it to come alive again. I hope it is not an intermittent issue. Will keep running the board for a while to see if it acts up. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Cheers!
  2. Hi @attila, Tried your suggestion of cutting the JP1200 trace to see if the board is detected. Unfortunately, no success. So I guess my board is really useless now. ­čś× Any suggestion whether I can repurpose it for some other use? Thanks.
  3. Hi @attila, Thanks again for the fast response. My answers/questions (in red) in reply to your advice: -------------------- Hi @Satz The USB controller of the board is powered from the 12V supply. Make sure this is supplied, the red led should be lit. [Yes] The yellow led should light up to indicates the USB GND/5V. [Yes] Please inspect the USB socket on the board if the soldering is in place and the internal contact plate is not broken. [Soldering and connections look good on visual inspection] On the EExplorer revF and earlier the USB EEPROM could get erased by 12V supply spikes. In this case the device is normally detected as USB VID_04B4&PID_8613 (see in Windows Device Manager) and can be reprogrammed. [Device is not detected at all] It might also get erased in a way that it fails to boot and the system should report after about a minute unrecognized device. [System does not detect device at all, even after more than 2 minutes] To solve this, power up having the EEPROM disconnected: 1. cut the trace between JP1200 pads, located on the bottom close to the USB plug 2. solder a jumper, verify with a DMM there is no continuity on these pads/pins 3. power up the board with 12V supply and connect it to the PC, now it should be detected as unknown device VID_04B4&PID_8613 4. short the jumper with a header, this will attach the EEPROM 5. use the reprogramming application to rewrite the firmware´╗┐ [Since the device is not detected at all, will the above reprogramming process still work?] -------------
  4. Hi @Attila, Thanks for your quick response. To be more complete about my problem: 1. Notebook: Win 10 pro 64-bit. 2. EE Board Rev F 3. Problem: EE board usb not detected - the device manager does not register the board at all 4. Troubleshooting: I've tried all the steps in your EE board troubleshooting guide. No success 5. Additional troubleshooting, all of which did not resolve the problem: a) tried other usb ports b) tried different usb cables c) tried on different notebook, also Windows 10 64-bit I'm afraid it may be a EE board usb hardware fault. Would appreciate any advise as I would not want to dispose of the board. Thank you.
  5. Hi, My Electronics Explorer Board (Rev F) was working fine until I upgraded to the latest version of Waveforms. Now my notebook (Windows 10 pro 64-bit) cannot detect the board - Device Manager does not show it, and there is no unknown device also. I tried all the troubleshooting steps without success. Can anyone please help me fix my problem? Thank you.