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  1. @Wyllyam Workshop slides seems Ok. Question: is that arty_s7 wrapper project provided by Xilinx or Digilent? Who to bug to ask for similar wrapper for Digilent's Nexys A7 board
  2. Hi JColvin, I've ordered this now, and just worrying that on your product link it shows 14.0, not 14.2 . Is it possible to make sure latest is shipped, and not older CDs?
  3. Oh wow, sorry to hear that kb5pgy. So far I didn't see it's accessible anywhere, not sure if Digilent will make it avail. Xilix forum has similar presentation - same board, same Vivado, same Keil. Presentation available, but it's short, to say the least. It's also full of just marketing material, with the tech steps or how-to part kept to bare bare minimum. Rushed and/ or almost 0. (And so value of it is also not great, unless you were to get a first impression of what's involved in a very quick fasion). However, I'm still to try, just need some time. Didn't look too invol
  4. Yea valid point.. I did however stop backing up all my movies to DVD after they've discovered the CD eating fungus years back ..😁 https://www.nature.com/articles/news010628-11 (Even though wasn't applicable to my parts of the world att)
  5. Btw, Tried now the Zoom meeting invite emailed - for past workshop - and says Webinar expired... If you could message or share how to access the (hopefully saved) webinar, it would be great. No rush ..
  6. Hey JColvin, I must have dreamed that I saw version 16 as latest ... yesterday on their website. Sorry, probably had too many things looking at the same time, and may be confused LabView latest version number with multisim. Anyway. It's interesting that in 2020, they still make CD/DVD installs None of my home machines had those, for years now. But, I do know I can buy one in a local general appliances kinda store. I'm going to check if I will buy any PMODs for my course work , and then I may just as well get the old-tech install disks.
  7. Based on a Xilinx + ARM presentation from 2019, my understanding that tool didn't require license to work on the M0/M1, M3, may be for purpose of targeting Xilinx chips only. I might be wrong however.
  8. Questions I have about this: https://store.digilentinc.com/ni-multisim-student-edition-circuit-design-and-simulation-software 1 This is just software, correct? Do I have to get it shipped - is it just the installation disks? Is there anything else with the package ? The shipping alone is more that the price in the link. One way would be if one can download the soft and just get the license key(s) emailed. 2 The version is outdated (at least a couple of major's?), so is it worth it? Is the included license only for v14, and the update to later (also student) versions not covered
  9. While back purchased LabView 2014 Home & Student edition. Just now I saw on forum that there is 2020 Community version now. Anyone knows, will that Community version have everything that the LabView 2014 Home & Student has? The 2014 getting dated , I would think. I don't do anything beyond simple, and mostly for trying out things. And some basic equipment , couple of NI's tools (such as GPIO box and I2C/SPI modules).
  10. Hi JColvin, Thanks for your answers. I will make sure I check them next morning immediately when get up. About licensed tool : which one, I only saw reference to Vivado WebPack (no special paid license neeed), and the ARM's IPs for M1, M3 - which are "free" as in beer, as I understand.
  11. I'm interested in this virtual workshop: https://mautic.digilentinc.com/arty-s7-workshop-land-page but, timezone totally outside of my living hours. I hope the content might be available on Demand later. I'm wondering, can I use another Digilent board with series 7 for this? The webinar list uses Arty S7, but I just bought Nexys A7, for students. Can I use it for the workshop / the purpose of incorporating ARM's IP ? (and hopefully trying out something with them).
  12. Heya Jon, Now it seems resolved. And I can move to other questions to Digilent (you can see that Xilinx thread you 've referred too) Thanks for your help on this.
  13. Hi Jon, Tried different speeds of the cable, at and above and below the device chain speed as reported, but no success - it seems always to end up in the warnings Can't find such instruction CFG_IN, followed by operation did not complete .... Also , other operations that fail similarly : Get Device ID, Get Device Signature/Usercode, Read Device Status, One Step SVF, Once Step, XSVF. See below INFO:iMPACT - Digilent Plugin: JTAG Clock Frequency: 1000000 Hz INFO:iMPACT - Current time: 3/24/19 1:00 PM Maximum TCK operating frequency for this device chain: 6000000. Validating c