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  1. Hi @attila I need to send bus data simultaneous and continuous to wavegen. Is it possible? This script does not run in a while(1) loop. I'm waiting for your suggestions.
  2. Mr. Atilla, Thanks for your reply. Can you check my script. I normalized my bus. It is ok but I cannot send this data to wavegen Wavegen1.Channel1.Mode.text = "Custom"; Scope1.Trigger.Trigger.text = "Repeated";;; var datam = var data_norm = []; for(var idx = 0;idx < 2500; idx++){ data_norm[idx] = parseFloat(datam[idx])/4095; } print(data_norm)😍 = idx = data_norm Wavegen1.Channel1.Custom.Type.text = data_norm😡;
  3. I need to send logic bus value to analog output by using Wavegen simultaneously.