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  1. Hi @jpeyron, @zygot Specification about my project : I am to implement a scrambler on the zedboard, to which I have to give 256 bit input and get back the same number of bits. I wish to use the connector labeled UART (J14) to send and receive the bits. I already wrote the code for the scrambler and verified it's result by simulation. All I need to do now is to implement the same on ZedBoard.
  2. Hello @jpeyron, Correct me if I'm wrong, the above mentioned procedure lets me to use the PS section only. How can extend the same to use the PL section to send data to my design?
  3. Hello, I'm working on Zedboard. I need to send 256 bits of data from USB-UART to my RTL in PL and to return back the result through the same USB-UART. Please tell me how can I achieve it.