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  1. I will try it to see how it works. Thank you too.
  2. To clarify, the Microblaze clock was set to 100Mhz, and the Axi Quad SPI used the default internal frequency ratio, which I think is 16, so I got a SCLK frequency of around 6 Mhz. But you say that you fixed it, and I want to know which mode did you use and it's working properly with Pmod DA4?
  3. What is the fixed version you are using? The clock was 100Mhz when I used it with Microblaze.
  4. I know what the datasheet is telling, but I know for sure because I tested with our demo with the Pmod DA4 IP and Microblaze, and it's mode 3. That is why I said in the begining that the SPI mode is 3.
  5. Use the mode 3, not the mode 2. Yes the rising edge of clock should be in the center for mode 3.
  6. The hexa value is 08000001h not 080001h for the input register to set the internal ref. The Pmod DA4 comunicates over SPI mode 3. From your simulation I see that the mode is mode 2. The data is available on the falling edge of SCLK. Below is a diagram that can help you understand: For mode 3, you want the data to be available on the leading edge not on the falling edge of SCLK.
  7. Hello @linasr, Currently we don't have a project for FMC Pcam with Genesys 2, but there is one for ZedBoard. You can try to port the project from ZedBoard to Genesys 2. Here is the github repo:
  8. Hello @mladenik, Are you sure that you implemented the SPI protocol correctly? The SPI mode is mode 3. Also are you sure you set the correct field inside the 32 bit AD5628 Input Register?
  9. Hello @AVA, Could you post a photo from the Vivado Hardware Manager to see if the FPGA is detected by Vivado? This way we can verify if the USB 2 is working properly.
  10. Hello @bitstre@m, Unfortunately you can program the Cmod S6 flash memory only with IMPACT.
  11. Hello @jason.s and @rfx, Apparently the pins were assigned that way because the shield connector needs to be compatible with the Multi touch display shield. See this issue. So the changes won't be made to the board files. However you can modify the board file, so you can use the shield and spi_ss without being interchanged. A notice will be placed in the readme.file of the vivado-boards about this issue. Thank you, Ana-Maria
  12. Yes the transceivers are not routed on Cmod A7, because you would need a high-speed connector, which would increase the cost of the board and this was not the intention for a small board. The only board with Artix 7 is Nexys Video, which has a FMC connector.
  13. Hello @nicke, The Cmod A7 doesn't have MGT.
  14. Good luck with your project!
  15. Hello @rddlr, At the first look to your code I saw that get_ports led_2 is without {} in the xdc file. Try to put [get_ports { led_2 } ] Also did you try to use a different led and test your code to see that it runs fine?