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  1. i am using network analyzer to obtain open loop transfer function. I am adding perturbation through ADC. my question is do adding though software add delay in the transfer function ? since it is open loop so why it would add a delay in the final model ?
  2. @attila Thanks for your all help. i could do all i wanted. however can you suggest what should i do to get accurate results at higher frequency and how much can discovery 2 can work with low error ? At higher frequency more than 5 kHz its become too noisy so what should i do. what kind of cable you recommend or anything you can suggest or documentation. i try to use BNC adapter and coaxial wire.
  3. @attila How can i achieve bode as the AD cannot take the negative voltage. although i did use offset and level shifted the disturbances through waveform generator. but i cannot do next.
  4. I am getting noisy signal when i am trying to get 1kHz sine wave. what should i do ?
  5. One of the people used and they gave me this block diagram but they didn't explain to do the actual experiment which i am attaching here .
  6. The control signal is phase shift between the bridges and output voltage is desired output. therefore, i need to get perturbation of phase shift to output voltage. where can i connect the oscilloscope 1.
  7. yes i am using the same however i didn't get my answer. therefore, i had to ask again in new thread.
  8. i want to achieve network response of buck convector using dsp controller. i am confused where i should put waveform generator. The signal for the switch is coming from DSP. so the one of the oscilloscope can be connected to the output voltage. and where should i connect the other oscilloscope and waveform generator.
  9. for my case, its Dual Active bridge which has 8 switches and uses phase shift as a control variable. thereof, i am confused where to put the singal generator and oscilloscope 1. The PWM waveform and control variables are
  10. Thanks you so much for your kind reply. the problem i have is i am using DSP . i will elaborate full details about my requirement. normally the perturbation is connected to the signal generator and oscilloscope 1. while the response is connected to oscilloscope 2.? so that the output to input plot can be achieved. like in the diagram. signal generator and oscilloscope is connected to V1 while the oscilloscope 2 is connected to output. Now coming to my problem i use Matlab to generate PWM. the matlab generate and load pwm in the GPIO of the DSP. the output voltage can be fed to the generator 2 (with sensor gain to make in in the range of the DSP. ) Therefore, i am confused where should i connect signal generator and oscilloscope 1 .
  11. I want to achieve control to output transfer function. lets say V(s)/d(s)=A(s). by some variation in d(s) i.e. control what is the gain and phase of the voltage i.e. output.
  12. thanks for your kind reply. i do understand the problem with measuring ac resistance . can you share the pics of the set up you used for the measurement, i don't expect to get exact ac resistance as it needs some special device. i don't have the problem with +-25% error. moreover, my inductance is pretty large so its Rac value is also in the range of hundred of milliohm. thanks again for the reply. can you share the pics of the test you did with the Kelvin clip so that other people who also want to measure ac resistance can see the procedure and complete the measurement?
  13. any suggestion for " Such measurements are very sensitive, it would ideally require Kelvin connection...". how can i implement kelvin connection in AD2? any reference will be so helful.