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  1. Thank you for your confirmation. In fact, my budget is limited within a few hundred bucks. I think I should do more research about FPGA and hardware before I can ask you any other questions. Thank you for your all info, zygot! They're really helpful to me.
  2. Hello zygot, xc6lx45, Notarobot Thank you for your all advice. I haven't seen all of your responses until I logged in forum. I've been checking my email to see if there is any response from Digilent forum, but it looks like Digilent doesn't send any notifications to member via email. Thanks Notarobot and zygot. These will be very helpful sources to me. I will definitely look at these. Thanks for your info, zygot! Honestly, I just start learning FPGA, so things seem to be far beyond my knowledge. Yet, I'm not afraid to learn though. In my project, I prefer an evaluation board for ADC rather than designing it because I would save a lot of time (from building circuit, doing calculation, simulation, PCB board, etc. ). Then I use FPGA and Matlab for DSP and displaying the final result. I thought FMC adater from TI would work smoothly with most FPGA (as they state in description) including Xillinx on Digilent. But things seem to be more complicated than I thought. Do you know if there is any ADC and FPGA boards working best for my project? And what are the maximum resolution and speed of ADC? Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.
  3. Hi there, I'm a newbie here, and I'm looking for an FPGA evaluation board for capturing data from a high speed ADC (such as ADS5484EVM 16 bit, 170 Msps from Texas Instrument). I found "Nexys A7 - FPGA Trainer Board Recommended for ECE Curriculum" on Digilent's store but I don't know if it can handle this task or not. Could anyone please confirm if I can use this development board or recommend for any other boards? Also, will I need to buy an adapter to connect to ADS5484EVM? Any recommendation would be highly appreciate. Thank you!