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    register clear on raed

    hi all ! I am doing a BER (BIT ERROR RATE) in vhdl and I have to put 2 registers clear on read which counts the number of words in error and the number of bits in error. i want to know what is a register clear on raed and how i can code a register clear on read in vhdl? thank you,
  2. kamal

    eye scan (eye diagram)

    thank you for your help the solution given by xilinx needs the board (virtex5), that i will have it later. i am asking now if there is any other way to achieve the eye scan. thank you,
  3. kamal

    eye scan (eye diagram)

    good morning, I want to make an eye scan(eye diagram) for the GTX transceiver of virtex5, I want to know the possible approachs to achieve it. thank you for your help