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  1. Hi JColvin, Yes! it is the same exact pic32 PIC32MX795F512L. Please find attached photo of actual PIC32. I uploaded recommended bootloader (I already tried both bootloaders) I will keep this now. In attached image "Screenshot.png" you can see captured data for USB programming, PIC32 Tx pin keeps in high state, while Rx and MCLR have some data. I think this is the real problem, PIC32 TX pin does not change state, no matter what. In attached image "Detail.png" you can see some data on PIC32 Rx pin. I truly appreciate your help and support, Digisoles
  2. Hi, I've build a board using the pic32MX795L, the same as the Chipkit max32, (I have original Max32 and uC32.) I uploaded bootloader with Microchip Snap (https://github.com/chipKIT32/chipKIT-digiboot) This is my setup: Arduino 1.8.8 Chipkit core Ver 2.0.6 Windows 10 64 bits FTDI driver version I am having an issue with max32 clone, I got error "No target found." As I can program my uC32 and Max32 without a problem, I think Arduino and Chipkit core are not the problem. Also, I can see PIC32 Tx and Rx with Saleae Logic; there is some data at PIC32 Rx pin, but no