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  1. Hi JColvin some good news ... I'm now using the last version of the Analog Shield library available on GitHub here. Let's name Arduino AR, Analog Shield SH and SD shield SD and I loaded the file in attacment 1) if the setup is AR+SH+SD everything works pretty well and I found the data correctly stored in the SD card 2) if the setup is AR+SD+SH the SD works, but not the SH and the programs blocks on the count = analog.read(0) instruction Now the first configuration is a bit inconvenient because I cannot easily access the pin of the ADC having the SD on top ... however it works!!! If you have suggestion to make also the second configuration working I'll be happy to help and test Bests, Andrea test.ino
  2. Hi JColvin and thank for your support ... I don't think this is the problem... I'll try to explain why Mi setup is the following: 1) the ARDUINO UNO, 2) The SD shiled stacked on top of the arduino, 3) the analog shield stacked on top of the SD shield. I can change the Chip Select of the SD shield connecting the CS pin to any digital pin (e.g. 4 or 10). Let's assume in the following that the CS of the SD Shield is set to 4 For the sake of simplicity I use the very simple sketch in attachment. Simple_read.ino is used to read data from the Analog Shield.simple_SD.ino is used to initialize the SD cardWhen I use both the Shields, the simple_SD.ino works perfectly and as expected I get on the serial monitor the following message Initializing SD card...initialization done. When I load the Simple_read.ino instead I do not get anything on the serial monitor. So I do not think it is a problem on the SD library that it is not loaded at all in the Simple_read.ino, but i guess there is a pin conflicting As you see according to the comment in simple_SD.ino // Note that even if it's not used as the CS pin, the hardware SS pin // (10 on most Arduino boards, 53 on the Mega) must be left as an output // or the SD library functions will not work. Is this pin (10) used also in the analog shield? If yes, is there any way to change it to any other pin? BTW this doe not explain why the Simple_read.ino is not working when the sd library is not loaded at all!!! Thanks in advance, Andrea Simple_read.ino simple_SD.ino
  3. Hello I would like to store the data collected by the analog shield on an sd card. I'm using and Arduino UNO and the Keyes Data Logging Shield http://www.tinkbox.ph/sites/tinkbox.ph/files/downloads/Keyes - Data Logging Module (rev 1.0).pdf Both the Analog Shield and the Data Logging Shield works perfectly alone, but as soon as I stack both of them on top of the Arduino the Analog Shield stop providing output on the serial interface. I changed the CS pin on the Keyes Data Logging Shield from 10 to 4 but nothing happened. Suggestions? Bests, Andrea