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  1. Hi i implemented a vhdl code for checking results from TCS34725 there is no error in my code and i checked everywhere to correct and make it flawless but it does not work at all. I am not very good at i2c i just know the main logic behind it so i think my problem is connected to i2c but i dont know TCS34725 INTERFACE MODULE TOP MODULE Since codes are long i just uploaded I used this link for i2c master just changed clock for basys3 100 MHz
  2. kmesne

    TCS34725 Basys3 VHDL

    Actually i found a vhdl code for it but i have problems with it ( I am trying to implement code. But i am really stucked with I2C thing I am not familiar with that. Do I need to create signals at top module for it and do I need to make a constraint for it ? and connection of the sensor I tought he did not connect all pins? do s/he even use top modules or just 2 modules as i2cmaster and tc34725_interface. Do i need a constraints for inouts ?
  3. kmesne

    TCS34725 Basys3 VHDL

    But i need to use VHDL can not use other languages
  4. I can configure my basys3 and program it with my codde but when it starts at the begining it acts weird. And sometimes it tripping But i have a used BASYS3 i bought it from another student, he may did something different. But i always use microusb to program it did not checked mode jumper at all And im not that used to with basys3 /vhdl so im afraid to do sth wrong
  5. Hi my basys 3 is acting weird like; it Shows uSeR instead of counting numbers in 7seg it is slow and sometimes problematic I want to hard format/reset /factory settings it, how can i do it ?
  6. kmesne

    TCS34725 Basys3 VHDL

    Actually i really didnt understand what is blocks microblaze gpio etc. I am not that familiar with vhdl
  7. kmesne

    TCS34725 Basys3 VHDL

    Hi I am trying to use TCS34725 to identify Green and Red Colors, it has I2C interface and i could not find any I2C interface about this and i am not capable to write a protocol code what should I do I am stucked. I just need when it sees green it turns one led and when it sees red it turns another led.
  8. Hi i want to build an rc car which is controlled by buttons on the basys3. I could not decide which sensors/modules I shall use. Should I use Bluetooth module or infrared or what? How can I do remote control a car with basys3 Or should I just do it with my phone but I rather to do it with basys3
  9. @JColvin I am rewriting my question then : Hi, I need to make a circuit which does the following thing: When it sees a red object it will send output 0 until it sees a green object (like a well colored cubic toy), after it sees green it will send output 1 until it sees red again. ( If it is hard to implement I'm ok with just output 0 when it sees red and outputs 1 when it sees green, I mean it is ok if the outputs not continuous but it would be great if they are continuous) I have basys3 and have to use VHDL. I think I should use TCS34725 sensor but I'm not sure I just assumed, I would be really glad if someone helps Some extra questions: If it is possible I will implement it on a toy RCcar is it possible to connect it with Bluetooth module to get inputs or how should I do it ?- I can use another board JUST FOR CONNECTIONS my main Project should be on BASYS-3
  10. @JColvin Thanks first of all I did not understand what is the intention of Pmod color sensor then. Doesn't it sense colors of object ? Can i use this sensor for it ? Last time I checked it sensed color of objects
  11. Hi, I am a 2nd-year ee student, and I need to make a term Project. With BASYS3 by using VHDL. My purpose is constructing a car which can be controlled with the buttons on BASYS3 ( I think I need Bluetooth module for it to RC a car). In addition to that my car should stop when it sees red ( i think I should use a color sensor for it) and should not work until it sees a green. These “red” and “green” can be anything like green cubic toys. This color sensor does not have to be mounted on the car, but it would be better if it is. I have very little information about basys3, vhdl, sensor design, etc. (this is my first course in ee I was learning principle courses like math, phy, cs ) I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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    İnappropriate topic

    Sorry for this i need to create another topic