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    Peggy got a reaction from sgrobler in Gift received! Thank you OpenLogger Team!   
    Dear OpenLogger Team,
    I have received the gift from you -- a very cool Anolog Discovery 2! You made me feel very warm! 

    Here is my original post:
    Thanks to all of you!
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    Peggy got a reaction from sgrobler in an easy way to read log file by MATLAB   
    Hi everyone,
    I found an easy way to read .log file by MATLAB.  MATLAB has functions to read binary file but the difficulty is that we are not sure about the header and format of the log data. I am not familiar with Python so the other way that posted by benl using Python is such a pain to me.
    Here are a few lines that can easily decode .log file with two channels of data:
    %% Read Data from OpenLogger file
    close all;clear;clc
    logfilename = '20190723_9_0.log';
    finfo = dir(['F:\' logfilename]);
    channelNum = 2; %number of channels
    sampleNum = finfo.bytes/2/channelNum;
    fileID = fopen(logfilename);
    logdata = fread(fileID,[channelNum sampleNum],'int16=>int16');
    plot(logdata(1,headerNum+1:end),'-'),hold on %channel 1
    plot(logdata(2,headerNum+1:end),'-'),hold off %channel 2
    WaveForms Live

    read in Matlab

    Note: I don't care about the header info so I just get rid of it. I use random input pulses for ch2; The two plots are not from the same time.

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    Peggy reacted to JColvin in Read out .log file from OpenLogger   
    Hi @Peggy,
    I spoke with some of the firmware folks for WFL and OpenLogger and learned that they haven't yet implemented the parsing of the header into the Digilent agent yet. I did receive a picture that showed the structure of the header file, which I have attached below.