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  1. Hi JColvin, The information in your picture is very helpful! Thanks a lot! Peggy
  2. Hi, I use OpenLogger to log data to the SD card. The saved data file is in the format of *.log. I tried to read it out by Matlab but failed. Could you give me some help? For example, what's the format of these data? Does it both include time and voltage? What's the header like? ... Thanks, Peggy
  3. Hi JColvin, Thanks for your help! I made it this time! The main cause is that my SD card is wrong (64GB, exFAT). Even though I formatted this SD card into (16 GB, FAT32), it still doesn't work. The partition software is cheating me.... I finally borrow a real FAT32 formatted SD card of 32 GB from my colleague and it works well with the OpenLogger and WaveForms Live. Thank you so much! Peggy
  4. Hi JColvin, Thanks for suggestions. This time I used a correct functional SD card but the Waveform Live again didn't show the SD card option. Is this function of logging data to the SD card really available now? Thanks, Peggy
  5. Hi Jcolvin, I have tried three different sizes of brand new SD cards(64,128, 256 Gb). I inserted the SD card to the OpenLogger. Unfortunately, Waveform Live didn't show the option of logging data to the SD card. Thanks, Peggy
  6. Thanks for updating the new function of logging data to the SD card! Unfortunately, I still can not find the button for logging data to the SD card in the WaveForms Live. Only 'chart' is available. My firmware is already the newest version 0.1719.0.