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  1. Kaitlyn, Thanks for your help. Even though the process went strangely, I still got it working with your help. Thank you. The USB installation guide was the answer. I am able to program the FPGA (Verilog) successfully. If you willl take just a moment, would you answer just one thing for me? I installed the software (ISE) from a CD sent with the kit. As far as I saw, all went well. But the USB driver (or is it drivers?) was not installed. Do you have any answer to what might have caused that? I hope you will have time for this last question. In the mean time, I will consider this closed and agai
  2. The first time I saw the problem with the heap, I stopped everything. But there is a button called 'Retry', so I pressed that the second time. It seemed like things went as planned, although iMPACT is still acting strangely. I had it program the FPGA, but it reported that the operation failed. I tried all the operations (such as 'Erase') and each showed as failed. But the drivers may have been installed. When I plug in the USB cable, I see a green LED light. That's a first. What might this mean? Is it still a hardware problem? --Jim
  3. Hi Kaitlyn, I have read through the USB cable installation guide you forwarded. I've also downloaded and unzipped the zip file from Xilinx. Running the batch file resulted in two windows, the first of which is just 'cmd.exe' executing. But it opens another DOS window with 'wdreg.exe' then blows the machine's stack. That is, it results damaging the Heap. If I really thought it would do me some good, I would install a later version of ISE. But the information I got with the board says it's locked to v13.4. --Jim
  4. Are you able to find something to help with this problem? The computer immediately responds if I connect or disconnect the cable. But it also reports that there is no driver installed for the Spartan card connected via USB. I have a copy of the Disc with ISE 13.4, but I wasn't able to find a driver. Of course, if I knew the name of the driver, it would be a lot easier to do the search. Do you have someone there who is a master of these sorts of problems? Please help.
  5. The Jungo name appears and under it is "WinDriver". As administrator I went through the process of removing and reinstalling the driver as shown in the Xilinx post. That didn't help. While watching the Device Manager, I can remove power, then reapply it to the Diligent board and see a listing for Other Devices->Unknown Device disappear, then reappear. So the machine is seeing that something is there - it just doesn't know what. Are you sure that there isn't something else missing? --Jim
  6. Thanks for the write up. I actually had tried using iMPACT earlier with two boards - one based on the XC3S500.., and one on the XC3S700. Both boards function. I can apply power and they go through the usual routines as installed by the designers. I have two USB A to B cables which came with the boards. When I got to the instruction "Initialize Chain", I received error message 923, that the software could not find cable and that I should check the cable setup. I assumed that iMPACT couldn't use the port for some reason. The USB ports all work for other devices, such a flash memory, etc, so I as
  7. Well Okay, But that puts me back to the beginning. Before I downloaded Adept I thought I could just buy the JTAG cable from Digilent, but the sales force told me I didn't need it. If I am to download a file to the board from iMPACT, I need to know where to send it and how. The actual code has to reside somewhere. I've programmed many ARM microcontrollers before, but I've never had this much trouble just getting started. What do you suggest?
  8. Nate, thanks for writing. No, it's not that simple. Actually I did try just what you suggested yesterday (16 Jul) with no response. I chose "Connected Devices" and then "Enumerate" of the Device Manager, but the Connected Devices window remained empty. This may be a simple problem, and I hope it is. But I've wasted half a day now with no help from Digilent. I asked for assistance on the phone but was told they don't do that. So a problem which could be solved in minutes may never be solved. The connection I've made to the board is with the USB cable which I mentioned earlier. Is this incorrect
  9. I am trying to get started learning about the Spartan-3E board. I'm using the Xilinx 13.4 software to produce the file for download. I've also installed Adept 2 on the same PC running Windows 7. The connection between board and computer is just the USB-A to USB-B cable which came with the kit. Adept doesn't see the board, so I can't even get started. The manual (like most manuals) only describes what to do when everything works as it should. What are the first steps to debugging this process? I have two boards and neither responds. I also tried another cable. I just want to get started. Thanks