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  1. Hi Attila Your spi-custom code would run but did not give an output This was why i asked you to translate it to to a standard script . As the standard script method in the past has sometimes worked where as the spi-custom script method has never worked , The only thing that has worked every time is the spi-master gui interface using read-write command. Best wishes SImon
  2. Hi Attila My question to you is . Please can you write out a command script rather than a protocol script for the PMOD ACL2 and test together with the following version of waveforms . As you can see , I am putting a lot of effort in to get this working we have been chatting on and off for quite a while. This should just work but it is not working. Enclosed are all of my work books to date to try and get this working. Work book 5 "SPI_test_5_test.dwf3work" contains the latest files It seem that the SPI write / read method is the thing that is failing . I
  3. Attempt 2) as full script but this time trying to assess the under lying class structure that the Wavefroms GUI uses Waveforms GUI has a hidden spi mode which have class commands starting : Protocol.SPI.Simple. ------------------------------------------------- if(!('Protocol' in this)) throw "Please open the Protocol tool"; clear(); Protocol.Mode.text = "SPI"; // make sure SPI tab is selected Protocol.SPI.Start(); // activate select Protocol.SPI.Select.Active.value=0; Protocol.SPI.Clock.Polarity.value=0 ; // set up spi c
  4. This my two attempts to get it to work using scripting Attempt 1) as full script ------------------------------------------------- if(!('Protocol' in this)) throw "Please open the Protocol tool"; clear(); Protocol.Mode.text = "SPI"; // make sure SPI tab is selected Protocol.SPI.Select.Active.value=0; Protocol.SPI.Clock.Polarity.value=0 ; // set up spi clock initial Polarity Protocol.SPI.Clock.Phase.value=0 ; // set up spi clock initial Phase Protocol.SPI.Clock.Frequency.value=1e6 ; // set spi clock freqncy at 1MHz page 19 of the data sheet min spi
  5. This what works . So this proves that there is SPI communication and it is working
  6. Still no joy. It is not working The code you sent me does not run and give a result
  7. Also additionally as a user you have to make this setup change each time you start the waveforms environment before selecting the Analogue discovery device setup you wish to use.
  8. Hi Allita I found the solution myself . As a user you need to change a setting in the Waveforms program to fix the issue from to This solves the issue Best wishes SImon
  9. Hi Allita My Analog Discovery AD2 crashes waveforms when I plug in a external +5V psu. My PSU has cable has the deminsions 5V DC voltage supply with at least 3A max current, Outer diameter 5.5 mm and inner pin 2.1mm diameter positive inner pin = 5v Outer case =0 V DC plug connected up as shown the in above photo. This solutions complies to the hand book rules here Normally my Analog Discovery AD2 when just powered by the USB cable works fine without any is
  10. Hi Attila Have you managed to get your hands on a PMOD ACL2 board yet ? So that you can help me resolve what is going wrong with this code example. Best wishes Simon
  11. Hi Attila I am being hope fully here. Please put some effort in here, If you are to busy to fix the case , please get the case referred to someone else in your team who can spend the time to get to work. It would be really interesting to be able to display 3 way axis accelerometer data as 3 reference scope channels just like the PMOD MIC3 example reference this post notes If you can get this application working it would make a very good application for university teaching for example with robots to get student use to the Analog disocvery 2. So the student can exec
  12. Hi Attilla I wrote full proper script using the main script window. As the protocol.spi custom window would not work as shown on the previous post. This executed script below actually chatted to the PMOD ACL2 device but could not read the x,y,z,temp data for the PMOD ACL3 only its chip ID . Scripts run sequences is 1) Power up AD2 internal PSU to power PMOD ACL3 card with 3V3 2) Set up the physical SPI bus 3) Send a SPI Write command to the PMOD ACL2 to issue it a reset command 4) Read the CHIP ID for ADXSL362 using SPI BUS 5) Read the status regis
  13. Hi Attila As I need this working I am doing my own application engineering . The script function inside the protocol.spi window does not seem to be working The script will not run and just gives the error message " Data transfer error " which is not helpful . Outcome :: No usable result ... I had to fix a few things in script as the SPI bus command where not correct. Indicating know one in Digilent has been testing the scripts properly. Digilent spi command :: Write(8, 0x0A, 0x00); // Read Register, Device ID Fixed SPI command
  14. Hi Attila Just walked over to the goods in office and collected the PMOD MIC3 board and tried the PMOD MIC3 with Digilent Analogue discover 2 . It just worked straight out of the box. Download the script. Followed the read me document . Run the script. Result -> Working PMOD MIC3 So my conclusion is there is some thing fishy with the PMOD ACL2 set up in the example script or the PMOD ACL2 board has some hidden secret. Its time for your to do your Application Engineer magic and go get the bits from the cupboard and solve the case . Look forward to heari
  15. Hi The PMOD MIC3 I have order should turn up soon . So I will try the example Maybe this will give some light on the issues causing the problems Best wishes Simon