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  1. Agreed. From what I've read on these forums, someone has written some Python code to convert the binary - but no "builtin" or official conversion exists. Not sure if it "will" be eventually offered or not. Seems a shame as just about every engineer I know would actually want to DO something with the data. We have about a dozen of the Analog Discovery 2 channel scopes and we use them this way all the time.
  2. Thanks JColvin - after playing with the local browser app it's not bad at all! Very nice. I'll have to buy a few to check them out. Are there any "sample data CSV files" I could get to pull up in the simulated openlogger to show people what it can do? Too bad about the sdk - was hoping for just limited ability to start / stop acquire 8channels of data into a C/C++ program etc. Still a really nice device!
  3. Big fan of the Analog Discovery Digilent products - we have about a dozen of them working everyday here! Are there plans or is there an SDK like the Discovery? Something with python, matlab, c/c++? Are there any plans for a "non-browser" software? I see you can have a "local" app - which is good I guess....
  4. Hi - I've been playing with the different options on the Network Analyzer and had a question: Selecting dB gives an output G = 20*log(VCh2/VCh1) Selecting Gain gives an output G= VCh2/VCh1 Why is peak and RMS both referenced back to Vsource? PEAK gives an output G = VCh2/(VCh1/Vsource) RMS gives an output (rms) G(rms) = VCh2/(VCh1/Vsource)
  5. Thanks so much! That worked great - you saved me a ton of time!
  6. Hi - really like the capability of the Network Analyzer - is it possible to export data form a saved DWFBODEDATA file? The data shows up if I use HotTrack but the export is grayed out. So the data looks to be there, I just cannot save it. Is there a conversion (or can someone help convert) the binary dwfbodedata file to numerical values? PS - I *know* it should have been exported during the data acq process. But the dwfbodedata was only saved so I will either have to redo the test or find a way to get the data. ' THANKS in advance