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  1. FIrst of All Yes, We have requirement of UDP Packets for both Transmit and Receive. Something like I want to send command from PC to FPGA after that it will start sending UDP packets. (For Example: I will send command to start video from PC to FPGA then I will send UDP Packets of Pixels data from FPGA) One more thing is i am looking for is only single point communication between PC to FPGA. No network switches in between (No multi-FPGA or any cluster ) @zygot : It will be great help if you have any example for FPGA Implementation with soft-processor like micro-blaze. Currently I am using Nexys-Video which supports Microblaze. We have implemented Gigabit Tx by @Hamster in verilog and we are able to transmit data and we can visualize all packets on wire sharks. Now, we would like to learn how to communicate from PC to FPGA but not able to find proper examples.
  2. Thank you @jpeyron for support. We would like design custom board similar configuration modes to Arty A7-35 which has only JTAG-USB and SPI Flash Memory.
  3. Currently we are using Nexys Video Development Board which is having many features and peripherals. Now we want to make our custom board with limited peripherals. We would like to use only 2 Configuration modes - JTAG Progamming and Quad-SPI Flash Memory Mode. We are not looking for SD Card and USB Programming mode. In Reference Manual Configuration Diagram, There is one PIC14 Controller available, We have confusion about is requirement? Is it necessary to have if we are not using SD Card and USB Progamming mode? It will be great help if you can direct us in this regard. We are not able to find technical support email address hence we are writing on this email address.
  4. Hello, Jpeyron Yes, I have implemented Gigabit Tx by @Hamster in Both VHDL and Verilog. This is only for transmission from FPGA to PC Can you Help us for Receive part from PC to FPGA? How to begin communication from PC to FPGA. I want to send some commands using UDP from PC to FPGA. It will be great help
  5. Hello All, I am currently working on Nexys Video Ethernet. I want to transmit and recieve UDP packets between PC and Nexys Video FPGA . Is it possible to perform without Microblaze? How to send UDP Packets from PC to FPGA.?