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  1. @jpeyron I set up the BD as stated and in the main.c and the #include "ff.h" and #include "Pmod.h" are giving me "Unresolved inclusion:" errors. I only want to use the SD card, are these both essential for the SD card use? I clearly don't need the Pmod for the GPS, but I am not sure what the ff.h is for. Do you know what bare-bones I would need to write to the SD card? I want to read an image from the SD card, convert to binary and operate on it, and save it back to the SD card. Thanks, Samuel
  2. Hello Digilent Community, I am working on a image processing project and was wondering if anyone had advice or could point me in the right direction. I have tried following some tutorials and example projects, but I am still trying to wrap my head around Xilinx Vivado and SDK. The project really shouldn't be very difficult, I think I am just missing some information or the best way to go about doing it. For the project I am using the Zybo z7-20 development board and want to save two images to an SD card. The two pictures are black and white frames from a video just seconds apart, so
  3. I plan on purchasing the Zybo z7-20 for prototyping a project I am working on. After looking at the documentation for the board it says that Vivado WebPack supports the Zybo z7 board and is fully compatible with Design Suite. I just want to make sure that Xilinx Vivado WebPack works with this board. Thanks