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  1. Hello everyone, As a very beginner, i am going to ask some questions that might sound silly. I way playing around with the netfpga sume board, and I followed the instructions written here ( Initially when I turned on the netfpga sume board in a standalone mode, both the LD10 and LD4 turned on and steady, and even my machine can detect that (as /dev/ttyUSB1). I tried to open that device using my minicom and it was not showing anything. Then suddenly I noticed no LED is working and then I restart my machine. After that, my LD10 was not working, same as before, and LD4 started blinking. Even my machine can not detect the netfpga as any device now. I really don't have any idea what went wrong. Even I am not sure, either my board is still okay or not!! Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance..