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  1. Firstly I would like to say I am very impressed with what I see in the AD2.

    A little about my background: I graduated back in 89 with a degree in EE and Comp Sys Eng. A hybrid of Analog El, Digital El and Comüuert Science- Anyway most those "skills" have  deteriorated I concentrated on a SW role mostly since then.

    I am looking to get back into solid state electronics and programmable microcontrollers (add an "etc etc" to that) and to that end have ordered an Arduino kit.  I play the guitar and am interested in creating/building some fx/pedals etc. I'm also interested in being able to have a poke around my PC motherboard.

    I like the complete package look of the AD2 : logic analyser,  wave generator, osci etc but its price, with probes, is approaching some the lower level DSOs. I realise of course a lot of the functionality on the AD2 wont come with a low level DSO.

    I see the AD2 is not, or does not appear to be, compatible with Sigrok: as a long-term Debian Linux user and FOSS contributor is there any view to enabling this?

    I am gussing this fence sitting is a common issue and I would love to hear from those of you who took the plunge and coughed up the not incosiderable sum for the AD2 and why you are happy with it and why you feel a comprehensive FOSS library quite that sigrok provides is not really necessary.


    Please help me take the plunge. I keep adding it and then deleting it from the shopping cart.. ;)