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  1. Hi guys, I'll looking to use 3 of the 5 compare pwm outputs available on the uC32. I would like to use them to generate 3 square waves all around 830Hz. They'll all be fixed frequency from the start of the program. I've seen the sample code in the datasheet, but I think there must be easier higher level functions I can call. I would like to send the output on the OCx pins. Can anyone point me in the direction of some resources for this? I can't seem to get anything out of the OC pins. Thanks, djcheezy
  2. JColvin, Thanks for all your help! I think that I'm going to go with the uC32, as you no longer make or have stock of the Uno32. If I have any questions down the road, I'll ask them on the forum. Thanks!! djcheezy
  3. JColvin, I had planned on using multiple outputs at differing voltages simultaneously. I was unaware of this limitation on the ADI chip. I guess I should have read the datasheet better I don't think that this should pose to much of a problem however. I can just run the clock faster, and maybe stick a cap on the outputs to keep the voltage up. Is there any way you can post a picture of the bottom of the Pmod shield? I can find a photo online, and I'm curious as to what the bottom of it looks like. You've been an awesome help, I'll definitely look into the daisy-chaining your block diagram
  4. This seems to be working for me when I paste it into boards.h. I am able to compile example code using the uC32 board with Pmod Shield:
  5. Hi JColvin, Would you be able to do something like this for the uC32 and the Pmod Shield. It appears that the Uno32 is discontinued and you no longer have stock. Thanks, djcheezy
  6. Hi JColvin, What I'm worried about is using SPI to communicate with the Pmods. I need 18 analog output signals, so I was planning on using 3 PmodDA4s with the Pmod Shield on the Uno32. This shield appeared to work well because I also need 19 digital I/O. The linked post casts doubt on how well using multiple Pmods with SPI will work. I found your previous post setting up the Pmod Shield, which I found very informative: Do you believe that I'll
  7. Thanks JColvin! Your links are very useful! Do you know if a Digilent plans on releasing a library at any point? Can you forsee any compatibility issues with the hardware I'm planning on using? djcheezy
  8. Hey guys, I'm currently trying to spec a project using the Uno32 with the pmod shield. The pmod I would like to use is the DA4 digital to analog converter. I've noticed that in Diligent's reference section there is an example code section for the pmodDA1 which gives a zip file including examples, a library, and a library manual for using the DA1. However such resources don't exist for the DA4. Does anyone know if that library be necessary for using the pmodDA4, or where I can find some examples of using it? I'm not new to microcontrollers, but I am new to pmod... Any help would be apprecia